Reinventing Hydrogen Storage

Driving the cost of hydrogen storage and transportation to below US$1 per kg and unlocking the hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen is expected to contribute over 20% of global carbon abatement by 2050.
The vast majority of the industry has been focused over the past few years on addressing the challenge of green hydrogen production.

With already over 38 Mt per annum of global clean hydrogen production capacity announced for 2030 and with hydrogen production costs falling, hydrogen storage and transportation becomes the next frontier of the industry.

Hydro X has developed a disruptive hydrogen storage technology which enables to store and transport hydrogen in a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive, cost and energy-efficient carrier, unlocking the hydrogen economy.

Completely Safe

Hydro X has developed the first water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive hydrogen carrier, reducing the infrastructure and CapEx cost of hydrogen projects and dramatically simplifying the safety maintenance and compliance requirements in such projects.

Uses water as a storage medium




Unparalleled energy efficiency

Operating at close-to-ambient temperature and pressure with 94% energy efficiency, Hydro X technology drives the OpEx costs of hydrogen storage and transportation to below US$1 per kg of hydrogen.

The result: even cheaper than salt caverns for long-term hydrogen storage and much cheaper than ammonia for long-distance ship transportation.

De-risking the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen projects suffer from a high level of risk, both safety-wise and ROI-wise.

By reducing dramatically both CapEx and OpEx costs of hydrogen storage and transportation with a completely safe hydrogen carrier, Hydro X redefines the rules of the hydrogen industry.

Hydro X in action