Hydrogen storage technology must be reinvented

Conventional hydrogen storage technologies (compression, liquefaction, ammonia, LOHCs, etc.) require extreme conditions of compression and/or temperature and are therefore energy inefficient. They use toxic, flammable and/or explosive materials which are cumbersome and expensive to handle. The result: high OpEx and CapEx as well as complex and highly regulated supply chain.

Academic Roots

A result of Prof. Yoel Sasson research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A Spin-Off

A spin-off company of Yissum, the technology transfer company of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Disruptive IP

Strong approved patents in all major geographies. A scientific team with 4 PhDs.

Hydrogen storage technology must be reinvented

Current hydrogen storage technologies (compressed hydrogen, liquid and cryogenic hydrogen, ammonia, etc.) are clear obstacles to the emergence of the hydrogen economy.

They often require extreme conditions of compression and/or temperature. Their vast majority use toxic, flammable, explosive and/or grey materials which are cumbersome and expensive to handle. The energy efficiency of most of them, even the most modern ones, is very poor. Hydrogen storage must be reinvented. This is Hydro X mission.

Hydro X addresses the main challenge preventing the emergence of the hydrogen era: hydrogen’s low overall life-cycle energy efficiency

The main obstacle preventing the emergence of the hydrogen era: the inability to store and transport hydrogen in an economical and energy efficient fashion. The overall well-to-wheel energy efficiency of the current mature technologies for the storage and transport of hydrogen including high pressure and cryogenic hydrogen and ammonia remains the weak spot of hydrogen: 25-40% compared to 70-90% for batteries.

Source: Goldman Sachs

A seasoned leadership

Assaf Sayada | CEO

A seasoned executive with 25 years of management experience in corporate and business development, strategic partnerships, fund raising, M&A and strategy for startups and multinational tech companies. A native of Paris and graduate of HEC-Paris.

Asa Ziv | VP R&D and Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur and seasoned international high-tech executive. Established a world leading laser plant. A physicist and engineer.

Prof. Yoel Sasson | Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Former Head of the School of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University and Chairman of the Institute of Chemistry. The founder of multiple start-up companies based on IP generated in his labs.

Asi Shalgi | Chairman

Former Director General of Ministry of Energy. The Managing Partner & Founder of OSEG.

David Fleming | Director

Leads since 2022 CLP's Group Development function. Also serves as a Director in various subsidiary companies of the CLP Group.

Shmuel Kedmi | Director

An experienced executive with over 25 years of technology development, entrepreneurship and management experience. General Partner of OSEG and former CEO of RDC, the corporate fund of Rafael in full partnership with Elron.

Partners and Investors

Hydro X is supported by Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Innovation Authority, together with a group of investors including the energy investment house OSEG and CLP Group, one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia-Pacific with investments in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.