Powerful vertical applications

Current hydrogen value chain is complex, with several challenges related to transport and storage that need to be overcomed for its wide scale adoption.

The upside towards achieving net zero is material, given hydrogen versatility to serve as a clean energy fuel alternative for industrial applications, an energy storage solution for long-haul transport, for heating and seasonal variations in power demand, allowing higher penetration of renewables.

Hydro X technology empowers multiple vertical solutions for the hydrogen era, unlocking decarbonization opportunities across sectors.

By storing hydrogen in a totally-green liquid, Hydro X enables safe and efficient hydrogen handling, transportation and operations.

Applications of Hydro X technology include enabling large-scale and efficient renewable energy integration and power generation, distributing energy across sectors and regions, acting as an energy storage buffer and green back-up solution to increase system resiliency, decarbonizing long distance (ship, rail, etc.) transport, decarbonizing industry energy use for iron & steel, petrochemicals, oil refining and other industrial processes, serving as feedstock using captured carbon, decarbonizing buildings heating and power supply and more.

Renewable Energy

 End-to-end green energy value chain


The next generation of hydrogen Storage


Energy back-up green solution for data centers, factories and other large facilities


High-capacity & long-distance handling & transportation