Radical, disruptive hydrogen storage technology

At the crossroads of applied chemistry and materials engineering, Hydro X is reinventing hydrogen storage technology.

Formate Bicarbonate Cycle for Hydrogen & Energy Storage

A circular and catalytic reaction

Hydro X technology uses the formate-bicarbonate cycle to store and release hydrogen into a green, safe and energy efficient liquid organic carrier, thus disrupting the paradigm of conventional hydrogen storage operations.

The breakthrough of Hydro X technology relies in both the catalyst and the process.

The catalyst is made of palladium on substrate, manufactured in the proprietary process developed by Hydro X.

The process involves chemical charging of hydrogen on potassium bicarbonate (a commercially available material commonly known and used as “baking soda”) within Hydro X systems and converting it into an aqueous solution containing water and potassium formate, another commercially available material commonly used for de-icing of airplanes wings. This process is totally reversible and circular enabling to store and release hydrogen, again and again at extremely high conversion rate.

Water-based: a green and totally-safe hydrogen carrier

Potassium formate (PF, which is the most water soluble salt known) in concentrated aqueous solution is a unique hydrogen carrier: it is totally green and safe. The only non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic hydrogen carrier in the industry.

Uses water as a storage medium




All other competitive technologies use either flammable, explosive, toxic and/or gray materials.  Even the most modern liquid organic hydrogen carriers use dibenzyl toluene or toluene, all toxic and definitely less safe materials than Hydro X hydrogen carrier.

Unparalleled energy efficiency

Competitive technologies require extreme conditions of temperature and/or pressure resulting in high energy consumption and expensive costs. Hydro X uses commercially available and commonly used material for the storage and release cycles, at near-room temperature and pressure conditions, with extremely high energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient

Storage at 35⁰C and 10 bar and release at 70⁰C and 1 bar require a very small amount of energy

A Radical Disruption

Hydro X technology requires only 2 to 2.5kWh to store and release 1kg of hydrogen

Cost Advantage

Other liquid organic hydrogen carrier technologies require above 13 kWh